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Game News
Welcome to the mainpage of Damage Incorporated,

Let me do the honours to introduce ourselves.

Damage Incorporated found it's date of birth on the 7th of january 2011 and was founded by Bluéy and myself (Skyfury).
Allthough it had been a growing idea for quite a while between a couple of friends it had never seen the light of day untill then.

Basicly the idea behind Damage Incorporated is to create a home for people who enjoy raiding on a time that isn't usually the same that goes for "regular" times.
Also we aim to keep our memberbase as small as possible, we feel it's a safeguards into "clique" forming which does tend to occur in bigger guilds.
We here at Dmg Inc aim to start raids at 11PM on the dot and end around 1:30AM for 3 days a week.
This is because over the past 6 years people's lives have changed quite a bit, kids have been born, workplaces changed, marriage, divorce, graduated, you name it...
Therefor we offer raids at a later time, which may suit people better.

The management at Damage Incorporated is something we're trying to keep as open as possible as much as we can. (quite the sentence huh?)
How we plan to achieve this is to get the members involved into changes that are relevant to the playerbase as much as possible.
Hopefully this way nobody will feel like his opinion doesn't matter.

Guildbank, guildrepairs etc will be managed by the officers and myself and will be handled fairly in a way so that everyone profits from it as much as possible in the end.
And is in working order as we speak with small profit margin so far even.

At Damage Incorporated we aim to kill as many raid bosses as we possibly can.
Alltho we do enjoy our banter, jokes etc on off-times, but during raids we do require your focus to succeed in killing those raid bosses.
Several people in Damage Incorporated have had their fair share of high end raiding in various guilds on this realm.
We've had our fun in doing that over the years, but have come to a time to change the pace a little.
Therefor we finally saw it a fitting time to start what we had been talking about for so long.

At the moment we are running raids in co-operation with friends of Euphoria.
And doing pretty well i might add, we've got Halfus and Valiona in Bastion of Twilight and in Blackwing Descent we've pummeled Magmaw, Omnitron and Maloriak so far.

At the moment we are sporting an average age of about 32 i think, some players make it go higher, some make it drop, i won't tell which here tho. (bribes in-game are welcome tho)
Which would make us a pretty "mature" bunch, alltho it isn't always possible to deduct that from guild chat.
We aim to have fun in the guild and we don't want drama.
Games are there to be enjoyed, not to get angry over if you don't get item X1785456 cause it suits your other shineys.
We also pride ourselves into being pretty damn helpfull towards fellow members should they need any assistance, be it a boost, crafting, some mats to help lvl a prof, you name it.
Extending a helpfull hand is receiving one when you need one some day.
Not to mention we like to relax, hang back and slack off like any good wow player does once in a while.

Random guild activities on off times and periods will probably be organised as well (no obligation to join those).
For example fishing and gathering mats for flasks, feasts and such.
Probably will be made into small contests to who gets in the most materials in a certain period of time.
Small rewards may be handed out for these competitions.
Or killing the most critters for the guild achievement in a period of a week time, provoding we can find some sort of critter killer in game.
I'm sure more silly idea's to keep people entertained will follow, suggestions to organise any are always welcome too.

Anyway, i think that has about summed up what Damage Incorporated is or wants to become.
Hopefully you found this a pleasant read.


The Damage Incorporated Management
Guild News
Other Guild News

Halfus Wyrmbreaker down!

Bluéy3, Feb 9, 11 6:47 AM.
The guilds first ever raid was a joint venture with euphoria and was quite a succesfull night!
After a few attempts to get the tank switching right halfus was down and good progress was made on valiona.
grats to skyfury on Wyrmbreaker`s Amulet (Item)

Recruitment opening soon!

Bluéy3, Jan 27, 11 9:58 PM.
After much work by skyfury and myself we are getting very close now to opening the doors of Damage Incorporated for recruitment!
We will be on the lookout for experienced and competent team players to complement our core group.
Please check back again soon!
Warm regards
The Damageinc leadership.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Bluéy3, Jan 7, 11 7:53 PM.
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